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Port of Mahón


Sight of sailboats sailing classic contest held during the year 2007, the boats compete in front of the bolla marking the entrance of the port of Mahon



Although it has modern infrastructures, Mahon, on the eastern coast of Menorca, has been used as a port for over two thousand years because of its natural configuration.

The commercial port was initially developed at the site of Baixamar, upon the piers along the shore, which have been reconstructed along the Muelle de Levante and Muelle de Poniente (the Eastern and Western Piers).

Nowadays, they are devoted to passenger traffic, and are stopovers for cruise ships of various sizes. The two piers are equipped to handle water sports.

About one thousand four hundred vessels can be accommodated at the existing berths, up to the Colársega.

In the lower part of the center of the city, the configuration of the bank is entirely dedicated to leisure and recreational use, which promotes the integration of the port and the city.

Commercial traffic has been moved to the northeast bank, the wharf Cos Nou, with three RO-RO ramps and another multi-purpose dock. All this is adequately connected via the network of waterways of the island.

In the center of the port is the island Isla del Rey, with buildings from the 18th century.

Until a few decades ago, these were used as a military hospital. Nearby is the island Lazareto, or Cuarentena, with a public health facility comprising 12 hectares, the construction of which goes back to 1793.

Today, it is one of the most comprehensive of its kind in Europe, of those which allow visitors.

To the south of the entrance are the ruins of the Fort of San Felipe, conceived as a defense against the Turks, and destroyed during the Franco-Spanish reconquest of the island.

Yachts racing Panerai

 The classic sailing yachts, sailing in the  vicinity of the port of Mahon, regatta held in the year 2007

Bellezade the sailboats classics is indisputable, navios ply the waters of Port Mahon with grace and style

Fotos: Omar Mauro


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