The cruise revolve smoothly compared to the docks in the maritime station in front of the same downtown Mahon



Breve reseña historica

Pan Port Mahon, and where we can appreciate the seafront of the city in the central part of higher density of homes, the views of the port from the estates of the other band are splendid and almost forced an excursion, especially at dusk , the whole leg will be seen in the image corresponds to the area known as Moll Ponent (West Pier)

Spectacular view of the large bay's natural port of Mahˇn, in this image, although an overview, is only a fraction of its nearly six miles long

IIntroduction to the history of port:

Los Photo Night Port Mahón.

Large cruise ships docked on the esplanade and park Rochina, day cruise there is a market suvenir, jewelry and gifts, and during this summer every night.

The building, at the tail of the cruise, is the season of passengers and their location is right in the area of Baixamar in the Moll de Ponent, home and epicentre of the development of the port of Mahon throughout its history

Photo Night of the maritime station, station where passengers and passenger ships docked connecting Mahon with the peninsula and the other Balearic Islands

Another view at dusk in the harbor, the calm waters of the vast bay, and the magnificent landscapes of the natural harbour, is the best claim for tourists from cruise ships calling on the port of Mahón

View of the beautiful cruise ship berthed in front of the park Rochina and near the port authority building of Mahon

Moll de Llevant

Muelle de Levante

Photography Club Maritime Mahon, view of the facade of the club and sailboats participating in the race for the prestigious sailing boats classical race Minorca Panerai, when the boats tied to the dock of the club, are attracting walkers from the dock.

In the same building club Maritime operates the Casino Game, the only one in Minorca.  

Fašade of the building of the club maritime Mahon, and casino gambling, on the docks of the club, the boats are sailing classic involving racing Minorca Panerai



Texts and photographs   Omar Mauro Banquero

Although, at present, the port of Mahon is equipped with modern infrastructure, and perfectly equipped to communicate Minorca by sea, making room for the most modern ships even large, their natural settings determines that Mahon, on the east coast of Menorca ie at sunrise, and since it was the first island in the Balearic archipelago, the port was used as a port Scales and refuge for more than two thousand years, for many sailors peoples of the Meditsrranean is less.

The commercial port was developed originally on the site of the southern shore of the harbour, called Baixamar, in the image above, the site is located, just at the point where the vessel company trasmediterránea today Acciona, this area is recontaban charter companies shipping most important and have the greatest buildings of the port, and which today are mostly commercial premises, including restaurants and bars, and many of them we can still see the beams that support the structures.

This area, the coast port had a large area, like what is now the park Rochina, but since this was the natural ramp climb carriages of the goods, and its embankment was available to be some small booths, it was then that the area Baixamar, as a second area became the development of the port.

It is here in Baixamar, where the main industries are installed in the port, including the first USINA, silver generating electricity Menorca, we can still watch their old building, currently occupied by the company nautical "Pedro's Boat Center.

On the riverside docks, which makes maritime limits of the city of Mahon, was to develop both the city and the port, both have been changing and redesigned and rebuilt over the centuries.

The coastal section of the city of Mahon, travel for centuries, but a few years ago, suffered one of the most profound remodeling throughout its history, the path is suitable to the rules imposed by its status as a way of a port, access to the territory of large military vehicles that are transported by sea, as a result, this route should reforzares and especially ensancharse.

Having regard to the impossibility of winning wide, as this discurría completely paid to the constructions against the wall of the cliff, if not penetrating the cliff itself, which is the large widening hiso direction of the sea with stilts that allowed steal part of lamina water to the port.

The tracks at the finish Mahon has named Muelle de Levante and Poniente. There are currently intended for passenger traffic, respectively, which indicates the direction of the port, as the sun rises in the mouth and gets the colársega

The "Moll de Llevant, (spring release) provides the facilities of the Club Maritime Mahon yy the loading area of fuel

The Moll Ponent (dock west) has the facilities at the station maritime passenger, police service ports management of the port and major service companies nautical

The Nou Cos. (new expense) is as it is called to the north coast, that is contrary to where the band sits the city of Mahon, and given that their development is relatively recent, is the new coast, this area is that but has been transformed over the last two years, the platforms have been enlarged, also at the expense of laminate water and increasing the area for all activities, marine dry stowage containers, silos and even have created new and expanded roads and service areas for trucks and transport platforms.

Large cruise ships and passenger ships of varying size stopover in the docks area of the station Maritime.

The two piers have vials and equipment for use nautical sports.

At present, the area has become a major service centre where there is no lack of almost anything, from nautical companies engaged in the repair, maintenance and even businesses that produce gadgets and spare parts for the boats, there are some offices from car rental , shops and gift products suvenires jewellery, but it is the restaurants where more variety and a greater number of establishments is.

Taímen right in this area of the port we will find the former distillery GIN, a product which is currently the most typically Minorcan, but his production began in the period when Minorca outside British colony.