Approach and buoy markers:

By day one can see the cliffs of the Mola, 81 meters in height, cracked and reddish on their east and south sides, with the west slope descending to Cala Teulera.
Approaching from the North, keep the lighthouse Punta Esperó to the starboard side. This is a cylindrical tower 11 meters tall, with white and black bands, located on the upper half of the cliff of the Mola.
To enter the port, follow the lateral markers (red to port) of the two pairs of buoys and the different lateral markers of the port. Upon entering, keep the lighthouse of San Carlos to port. This is a cylindrical tower 15 meters tall, with black and white bands and a white square base.

At night:
Approaching from the north, keep the lighthouse of Punta Esperó to starboard GpD(1+2) 15 s, elevation 51 m, range 8 miles. Once you have passed said lighthouse, steer towards the lighthouse of the Isla del Aire DB 5s, and after one or two miles, depending on the distance from the coast, the lighthouse of San Carlos will be clearly visible, and the buoys of the entrance.

Approaching from the southeast, you will sight the lighthouse of San Carlos GpOc(2)B 6s and further ahead the buoys of the entrance.

Buoy markers:
First pair of buoys port DR 5s starboard DV 5s
Second pair of buoys port GpD(2)R 7s starboard GpD(2)V 7 s
The markers emit an ordered series of flashes as one enters. After the buoys there are markers with three flashes, then 4 flashes, south canal of the Isla del Rey one flash, north canal of the Isla del Rey one occultation, and from then on the sequence of two, three, and four flashes is repeated.

Hazards. Between the coast and each of the four buoys of the entrance, there are underwater hazards which are avoided by following the canal formed by the buoys.