Port facilities for recreational vessels:

1. Port Authority Berths

Transit berths up to 220 m in length and 9 m in depth, sharing the pier with cruise ships.

850 long-stay docking sites up to 20 m in length docked forward with anchor and mooring cables, gangways, or floating jetties. Water and electric service in a large part of the facilities.

Anchoring in Cala Teulera.

Containers for the collection of residual oils and containers for rubbish are distributed along all the piers and facilities.

Public telephones are located along the port.

2. Berths administered by third parties

2.1 - Ribera del Puerto S.L. Moll de Llevant, 10 07701 Mahon Menorca
 - Tel: 971 35 48 44  Fax 971 35 43 27
 - VHF channel 09
 - Email: riberasl@futurnet.es

Location: Lat.: 39º 53.6´ N  Lon: 004º 16.5´ E

Services: Anchorings with buoy on the north bank of the port
 - Floating platforms with water, electricity, and rubbish collection
 - Piers in Cala Llonga with water, electricity, and rubbish collection
 - Group of jetties with anchoring at the west of the Isla del Rey
 - Showers, cafeteria in Cala Llonga

Capacity: Anchoring, maximum depth 9 m
 - Anchoring with buoy, 40 sites, up to 20 m in length
 - Floating platforms, 38 sites, up to 20 m in length
 - Piers in Cala Llonga, 110 sites, up to 25 m in length
 - Jetties in Isla del Rey, 38 sites, up to 30 m in length

2.2 - Club Maritimo de Mahon (Mahon Yacht Club) Moll de Llevant, 287-07701 Mahon, Menorca
 - Tel: 971 36 50 22, Fax 971 36 07 62
 - VHF channel 09
 - Email: cmmahon@infotelecom.es

Location: Lat. 39º 53.4´ N  Lon. 004º 16.7´ E

Services: 133 long-stay docking sites at piers and jetties, up to 25 m in length, in front of the club
25 transit docking sites, up to 40 m in length
Water and electricity at the sites, rubbish collection, marine shop, showers, laundry, sail repairs, 2 TN crane.

2.3 - Port d’Hivernada de Mao S.L (Winter Harbor)., sa Colársega s/n 07701 Mahon Menorca
 - Tel/Fax: 971 35 98 21
 - Mobile phone: 636 200 688, 610 386 966
 - VHF channel 09
 - Email: pivernada@portmao.com

Location: Lat.: 39º 53.8´ N  Lon: 004º 15.5´ E

Services: 226 docking sites, up to 20 m in length, with water, electricity, and rubbish collection.

3. Dry dock and repair services

Dry dock platform with Travelifts up to 50 TN and cranes over 12 TN.
Repairs of all types: mechanical, fiberglass, carpentry, pneumatics, paint, sail and rigging repairs…, through nautical businesses in the area.
Electric supply of 380 V in the dry dock of the invernada (winter harbor). For other sites, please inquire beforehand.